When someone wants to hire a contractor to take care of a job for their home or business, one of the first things they will often look for is a contractor’s license. Contractor licensing is important both for the clients (it gives them peace of mind) and for the contractors (it helps them to get customers, and provides many other important benefits).

Required by the State

In the state of Florida, all contractors who work on either residential or commercial projects need to be licensed and insured. Any contractors who are performing construction related tasks without a contractor’s license are violating regulations and can be fined by the state.

Get More Customers

Florida residents are able to look up and find licensed contractors without any trouble. If you don’t have a license that is valid, this will drastically limit the number of people who are able to contact you for your services. In addition, most people will refuse to work with a contractor who is not licensed due to the added risks that exist should something go wrong.

Contractor’s Insurance

Licensed contractors will also carry insurance on the work that they perform. This insurance is in place to pay for any damages that are caused due to the work of the contractor in question. Whether the problem was due to a problem with the quality of the work done, or the material that was used, this insurance will step in to make sure the client’s home or business can be fixed right away. Without a contractor’s license, it isn’t possible to carry this type of insurance.

Shows a Specialty

There are a variety of different types of licensing requirements for contractors in Florida. While this can make it more challenging to get the licensing needed, it also helps to show clients that you are proficient in specific areas. If you carry a plumbing contractor’s license, for example, your clients will be confident in hiring you to complete that particular type of job.

Preventing Scammers

One of the most often overlooked, yet very important, reasons it is important to get a contractor’s license is to help protect Florida from scammers. If it became commonplace to do this type of work without any license, many unscrupulous people would begin offering their “contractor’s services” in the area, and scam many residents and businesses out of a lot of time and money. By complying with licensing laws and regulations, contractors in Florida are helping to keep the quality and reputation of the industry strong. For help with your Florida construction law matter, call our firm at (305) 227-4030 today!