Construction Defect Claims and Defense

Construction defects claims may be caused by structural defects, improper products or materials used in construction, contractor abandonment or even disagreements between the contractor and property owner that lead one to believe that improper products or materials were used in a project. Construction defects can lead to roofing problem, water intrusion, cracking, personal injury, property damage and even destruction orders. Our firm focuses on representation of contractors, sub-contractors, material men and workers in defense of construction defects claims.
Our Firm also focuses on representing homeowners who have a claim for construction defects and claims, contractor abandonment and most incidents that lead homeowners to bring an action against their contractor.
When a contractor is hired by a homeowner a certain expectation is created that the contractor will complete the job in a timely, high-quality and cost effective manner. Many contractors do not live up to this expectation and leave a project halfway through or, leave the property in a state of disarray and never return.
These situations may leave a property subject to subcontractor or material men liens or other financial claims. At our firm, we both guide and assist clients through the process of finding a replacement contractor and obtaining any necessary permits. We also assist our clients in determining whether there are any unpaid subcontractors who provided labor, services or materials to the project.