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At Florida Construction Law Group, we understand the importance of construction projects for families, businesses, and communities. These contracts are the backbone of projects that shape the way Florida looks, feels, and welcomes people from outside our great state. Unfortunately, there are many hands involved in construction contracts that could lead to issues with properly […]

A construction loan is distinct from a mortgage loan, which is what many homeowners are most familiar with. Once a house has been built and the certificate of occupancy obtained, the homeowners need to secure a mortgage loan (unless they can pay fully in cash). Before that point, future homeowners typically need cash up-front to […]

Traditionally, the design-bid-build project delivery method was favored by private and public owners. This offers cost-efficient decisions at two major points in the project. Another project delivery method that’s taken shape over the past few years is the construction-manager-at-risk (CMAR) method. The CMAR project delivery method, in short, provides the same opportunities for cost-savings while […]

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we looked at instances where Florida prime contractors may become liable for the actions of subcontractors. Generally, prime contractors in Florida are NOT liable for the results of actions undertaken by subcontractors. However, there are a few notable exceptions.  Sometimes, a general contractor enters into an agreement […]

Part 1 of our series on prime contractors’ liability for the actions of subcontractors published last month. The post covered the “meddlesome employer” doctrine, which makes the prime contractor liable for the subcontractor’s actions if he or she becomes too involved in the subcontractor’s work. The meddlesome employer doctrine is an exception to the rule […]

Florida law is usually friendly to general/prime contractors in a situation where a subcontractor has acted improperly during a construction or renovation project. This liability divide can—and should—be clearly delineated in the contract entered into between the contractor, subcontractor, and project owner. As is the case with many things in construction law, though, there are […]

Even the most experienced and knowledgeable prime contractors can put together a structure that contains defects. The causes of these defects often have to do with poor designs and blueprints or inferior materials, but sometimes your clients will allege shoddy workmanship on your part.  Regardless of the root cause of a construction defect, there are […]