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In construction law, performance bonds play a pivotal role in securing financial commitment to a project. These financial instruments ensure that construction projects are executed smoothly and without disruption. However, when disputes arise and claims are made against performance bonds, a complex dance of legal intricacies commences. When a surety is facing potential liability due […]

What’s in a contract? For construction contractors, the answer should be everything. Contracts are the backbone of Florida construction work, and it’s imperative that these contracts are fortified with careful and thorough legal consideration. But, what terms do you really need and what do some of the common terms actually represent when you’re signing a […]

Construction projects shape our communities. The homes we live in, the businesses we buy from, the places our children learn and play, and more. This, of course, makes avoiding mistakes imperative to ensure the protection of our communities and the people living in them. Mistakes are a reality in any line of work. They are […]

Entering into business with a construction contractor is often much more complicated than what many people presume. Besides disagreements between project owners and contractors over the quality of work performed, most other conflicts between these two parties come down to money. A relatively new type of financing for some home improvements, PACE, is causing some […]

Contract disputes are often best resolved through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, and construction disputes are no exception. The two most common ADR methods are mediation and arbitration, the latter of which is often considered to be the happy medium between informal mediation and often-costly litigation. Greater Control of Intermediary Arbitration shares features of mediation […]

“Blood, sweat, and tears” is a generic phrase, but it’s exactly what contractors genuinely put into Florida construction projects. Construction workers are some of the hardest-working people among us, and they deserve to be paid for their work. Unfortunately, sometimes their paychecks come up short or wires get crossed which can result in a lien […]