Construction Contracts Drafting and Negotiation

Contracts are a vital part of any construction transaction. Whether our office is representing the contractor or the homeowner, the terms of any contract define the nature of the parties’ relationship as well as their rights, duties, and obligations, and dictate how any dispute may be resolved. When preparing and negotiating a construction contract it is important to hire an attorney with experience in construction law and litigation in order to identify and address the numerous issues that are inherent to a construction transaction. Some of the important issues that should be addressed in construction contracts are as follows: Timely Performance, Price, Change Orders, upgrades, insurance, workmanship issues, relationship between contractor and architect, dispute resolution, sub-contractors, liens, payment, scope of services, permits, zoning, code issues, bonds and legal fees just to name a few.
Our firm has many years of experience in dealing with the negotiation, preparation and the litigation of construction contracts and we use that experience to assist our clients in protecting themselves during the process.