A lien is a method detailed by statute for a contractor or materialman who has provided labor, materials or services to obtain payment under Florida Statute Section 713. In order to obtain a lien, the contractor or materialman must prepare an affidavit stating that they have not been paid for either the labor, materials or services and that the real property was improved by the labor, materials or services. Florida Statute Section 713 states what types of items are lienable and who is entitled to a lien. Generally, improvements to real property, such as removing, repairing, demolishing excavating and landscaping to name a few are permissable improvements. Also, contractors, architects, interior designers, surveyors, mappers, engineers, materialman, contractors and subcontractors are the types of persons entitled to place a lien on real property.

Ray Garcia, Esq.

Board Certified in Real Estate Law

by the Florida Bar