We work with Florida construction workers and project managers every day and one of the biggest legal issues that come up is projects that fall off schedule or lack the necessary preparation for the job in the first place. This often disrupts change orders, payment schedules, and project goals.

Our team understands how crucial it is to head into a job with an effective and realistic schedule in place. Florida Construction Law Group regularly assists clients who are either facing or pursuing construction litigation related to off-schedule construction projects in Florida. Our goal is to help contractors, subcontractors, and project managers establish and manage construction project schedules effectively to avoid these legal issues.

What Should a Construction Project Schedule Cover?

A construction schedule is essential for defining every task and event in an upcoming project during the planning phase. It outlines all the resources required at each step and how to distribute them across teams throughout all stages of development—from conception to completion.

A comprehensive construction schedule should include:

  • Scope of work
  • Relevant deadlines
  • Resource management and allocated assets
  • All project deliverables
  • Specific tasks that need completion (and those responsible for task oversight)
  • Task durations
  • Any existing task dependencies

Each of these elements plays a critical role and must be carefully tracked and updated throughout the course of the project lifecycle should changes be necessary.

What Does an Effective Schedule Mean for the Work?

An effective construction schedule organizes all the above elements to maintain project integrity and to set a comprehensive and realistic plan forward. Your schedule should be crafted to maximize the productivity of each contractor or subcontractor involved but not necessarily for the absolute fastest path to completion (often referred to as the Critical Path Method) unless that’s what the project calls for.

Construction scheduling is crucial as it enhances workflows, streamlines projects, and fosters better communication among all relevant stakeholders. It also allows for timely and sufficient procurement of materials that lends itself to ideal productivity to complete the project within the targeted timeline and budget.

Effective scheduling also improves resource planning, including the contractors and subcontractors, maximizes quality control measures, and gives team members proper notice to plan their work each day. Prioritizing work schedules to accommodate various conditions, such as weather-sensitive activities, is an element every project needs to rely on.

Choose the Right Schedule and Contracts for Florida ConstructionOur experience has shown us that construction projects can falter due to poor planning. The team at Florida Construction Law Group supports the Florida contractors and construction workers who are building our homes and communities. We are ready to help you draft effective schedules and contracts based on our extensive experience. Contact our team to ensure your next project’s success through effective planning.