Construction projects shape our communities. The homes we live in, the businesses we buy from, the places our children learn and play, and more. This, of course, makes avoiding mistakes imperative to ensure the protection of our communities and the people living in them.

Mistakes are a reality in any line of work. They are going to happen, and we must recognize that in order to mitigate the risks that come with those mistakes.

Construction defects can put construction workers and the individuals who eventually occupy a building at serious risk – both physically and financially. Exploring the common types of defects that pop up in construction allows us to be keenly aware of and prevent them.

Design Defects

The most obvious and common defect comes before any equipment or supplies are ever ordered. Architects and engineers must work together to ensure the vision they have for a project can actually be reproduced in reality.

These are trained professionals, often with decades of experience. Understanding the functionality of a design can prevent major design defects. Common design defects include:

  • Lack of structural integrity
  • Mechanical and electric issues
  • Lack of heat and moisture control

Material Defects

Once a design is complete, the construction team will work to order the necessary materials to complete the job. This presents another opportunity for defects to become present on a construction job.

Ordering the correct materials will prevent issues, but this is a unique challenge. Having a vision for a construction project is one thing, but turning that vision into reality with physical materials requires careful attention to detail. Common material defects include:

  • Damaged or broken materials implemented into a project
  • Mismatching materials
  • Poor waterproofing
  • Cutting corners with too little or too much material
  • Using inferior products to cut costs

Construction Defects

Each of the above defects is an example of a construction defect, but the actual construction of a project can lead to some of the most common defects. Proper workmanship will be an integral element of any project.

Experienced teams and workers understand the importance of every element of the job. Working with a team you know and trust can help avoid these issues. Common construction defects include:

  • Opting for inexperienced contractors who aren’t ready for the job
  • Failure to properly seal windows and doors
  • Shoddy roofing
  • Shoddy drywall
  • Working too fast to catch mistakes

At Florida Construction Law Group, we have been on both sides of a construction defect. We understand the challenges workers face in shaping our communities, and we understand the devastating impacts a defect can have. Whether you are the victim of a construction defect or need to defend yourself against claims you were responsible for a defect, contact our team today.