Using subcontractors is an important way to ensure all the work on a construction job is completed, and completed properly. When hiring these subcontractors, however, you need to make sure that they are not only qualified to do the job, but also that there won’t be any type of licensing violations that could put your job at risk of lawsuits, insurance problems, and other issues. The following are some of the most common licensing violations that subcontractors in Florida make, and how to avoid them.

Building Code Violations

One common type of violations that subcontractors commit is a failure to do their work up to the relevant building codes. In Florida, each type of building has many set codes in place to ensure the safety of the building and those who use it. If the subcontractors take shortcuts or used inadequate materials to meet the requirements, they can be cited for a violation. This is a very serious violation because depending on where it occurred, it could require major changes to bring the building up to code.

Failure to Obtain Necessary Work Permits

When bringing on a subcontractor to perform specific tasks, they may need to get specific work permits before they begin. While you would have typically gotten the general construction permits, their responsibilities will include getting what is necessary for the exact work they are responsible for. If inspectors find that they are working without first getting these permits, the fines and penalties can be quite significant. While it is the subcontractor’s responsibility to get these permits, you should make sure that they have completed this task before they are allowed to start their work.

Abandoning the Work

If a subcontractor abandons a project, or even if they never start the work, it can result in serious licensing violations. The abandonment of a project by one subcontractor can put the whole job at risk. Most permits and other authorizations from state or local agencies are time-sensitive, which is one of the reasons having a subcontractor abandon (or even just delay) the job is such an important issue that needs to be avoided.

Unqualified or Unlicensed Subcontractor

You need to make sure the subcontractors that are hired on are properly qualified and licensed to do the specific work they are going to perform. If they are not, you are not only putting the project in danger, but you can also be fined or penalized for having work done without the necessary licenses. Don’t take the word of the subcontractor that they have (or will get) the necessary qualifications or licenses. Demand proof and verify that your project is being done by people experienced in this area.

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