Buying property and deciding to build it from the ground up is a thrilling proposition. It feels like a massive undertaking, but when the final product is ready, you will have something that feels unique to you in a way that only a new construction project can. This is true whether you are building your home, your office, your vacation spot, or even a bridge.

However, it is important to enter into the process with realistic expectations. Construction projects are labors of love, built on the back of teamwork. They require a lot of communication, coordination, and flexibility – despite what you might have heard. Here are 4 myths about construction projects that you should ignore, and the truth behind them:

Everything Will Go According To Plan

Let’s start here. On even the best of construction projects, there were days that didn’t go well, materials that weren’t available, and compromises that had to be made. Think of entering a construction project like charting a course through unknown waters. Things are going to go wrong, and not everything can be prepared for in advance. As long as you have a good team all working together towards a unified goal, you will get there in the end.

They Can Speed Up as Necessary

No, a construction team can not just “work harder” or “speed up” to get something done in less time. Construction is an intricate work that often requires things to be done in a very specific order. The crew will work as quickly as they can, but things take time – sometimes more time than you expect.

The Price Will Never Change

If you have to make concessions or the size of the project expands, the budget required to make it is going to expand too. Your starting price is generally a good estimate, but it does not mean that is all you will have to pay. As the project changes in practicality, the price will as well.

It Should Take the Same Time as Another Project

Spending any amount of time comparing one construction project to another is time wasted. Every construction project is unique, with it’s own team, challenges, and unique location. The same project might get built quicker in the summer than in the winter. Understand that you have your own project, and avoid comparing it to others.

Get the Help You Need

Construction projects are massively rewarding, but they are also a major undertaking. Going into them with an open mind is the best approach. For help dealing with any construction project disputes, contact the Florida Construction Law Group today! Our senior attorney, Ray Garcia, has received the highest rating available from Martindale-Hubbell!