You’re ready to build your dream home – or you think you are. You probably know exactly how many rooms you want to have and what their purpose will be, but have you thought through all of the key details?

Poor planning and badly managed budgets can cause far-reaching problems, so you need to approach the project from many angles. These tips will help you create a better design plan and budget for your dream home, so that the final result is everything you hoped for – and more.

  1. Carry out space planning carefully. Unless you’re building a mansion, proper attention to space planning and design is paramount. Don’t go overboard on the storage space: do you really need a closet in the foyer, especially if you live in South Florida where coats aren’t regularly worn? Does the master bedroom closet have to be a walk-in one? If not, allocate the extra space to the bedroom or adjoining bathroom.
  2. Hire an experienced builder. Any construction project is a major undertaking, but when you are building your dream home, you can’t afford mistakes. It can be tempting to save money by simply hiring the cheapest builder around, but is it really worth risking everything to save a few bucks? In construction you often get what you pay for… so don’t cut corners on your dream home!
  3. Consider HVAC needs. It’s hot in South Florida – so make sure your new home can stay cool! HVAC systems should be in accordance with the size of your home. Large units in small houses will cause energy bills to skyrocket, while small ones in bigger homes will do a poor job of cooling and heating. Whatever size system you end up installing, don’t forget to arrange for regular maintenance: moisture and mold growth are common concerns that can negatively impact your family’s health.

Take your time and make all important decisions in advance, not as you go along. Poor design choices will make your home uncomfortable and possibly unhealthy. Work closely with your architect or builder: they will help you decide what makes sense given your family’s needs, and show you where you can save some money as well as where you absolutely should not cut any corners.

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