Construction projects lend themselves to the filing of claims and lawsuits unless everything relating to the construction project goes exactly as planned. In order to avoid claims and lawsuits, the contractor must avoid change orders, must avoid shortage of materials and labor, avoid delays of all kind whether it is payment, labor material, permitting and even weather. It not realistic for this to happen as most of these items detailed above are outside the control of the contract and property owner.

But just because the actions outside the control of the parties will likely occur, this does not mean that they have to lead to claim or a lawsuit. Contractor’s should work on pre-suit or pre-claim dispute resolutions as when the contractor and the property owner are unable to come to a resolution is actually when the lawsuit or claims are created. If you need help on resolving a dispute with a homeowner or contractor please feel free to contact us at 305-227-4030 or at

Ray Garcia, Esq.