As a construction company or general contractor, virtually all new jobs start out on a positive note for all parties involved. Over the course of the job, however, things can deteriorate and result in some major issues. Even when both parties are attempting to do the right thing, differences of opinion, miscommunication, and other problems can make it very difficult. If you’re not careful, these types of problems can lead to a costly and time-consuming lawsuit. Read through the rest of this blog post to learn some effective ways to minimize the risk of legal action being necessary.

Use Specific Language in All Agreements

Whenever working on a contract or other agreement, make sure you use specific language regarding what will be done and what is expected. Include details such as the colors that will be used, the types of materials, when the work should be completed, and more. The more precise this type of documentation can be, the less likely that there will be any type of conflict that could lead to a lawsuit.

Regular Communication

Once a job starts, make sure you stay in regular contact with the customer to ensure things are progressing properly. Identifying issues as early as possible will help ensure they can be worked out with little cost or inconvenience. In most cases, frequent communication will also build up trust between parties so litigation is less likely.

Negotiate & Mediate Conflict

Even with the best of efforts, there will eventually be some type of conflict between you and a client. When this happens, it can be tempted to dig your heels in and push back when you are right. The reality, however, is that it is almost always best to try to talk through conflict with the goal of finding a solution that everyone can be happy with. Even if you lose a little bit in the negotiations, it will often be far less than the cost (in both time and money) that even winning litigation will cost.

Have an Attorney at Your Side

Whenever performing work for another party, it is important to have access to a good Florida construction law attorney. An attorney can write and review all your contracts to ensure they are properly written and enforceable. In addition, they can help to negotiate compromises and try to resolve conflicts that can keep you out of court. If all else fails, an attorney will be there to represent you in court to protect your interests. Contact FCLG to learn how we can help protect you and your business today.