When working in the construction industry, disputes with clients are almost inevitable. While most jobs will go smoothly, it is important to know what to do when you run into a conflict that simply can’t be resolved through normal communication. In most cases, the two options will be to either go through an arbitration process to come to an agreement, or file a lawsuit and let the courts decide. While there are certainly situations where a lawsuit is the best move, most of the time arbitration will actually be the better choice. Here are some of the biggest benefits of arbitrating a dispute in the construction industry.

It’s Much Faster

The court system in Florida is often backlogged with cases that they need to hear, which can result in a significant delay in getting to your case. Additionally, the courts tend to allow both parties significant amounts of time to really expound on their position. With arbitration, the arbitrator will help guide the process with a focus on coming to a conclusion that all parties are happy with. This typically takes a lot less time than going through the courts.

It’s Much More Affordable

Going to court is an expensive process. You will need to retain your attorneys for a much longer period of time compared to arbitration, which means higher fees. Additionally, there are a variety of court fees and other expenses that will all add up quickly. Arbitration is almost always a much more affordable option for both parties.

You Choose the Arbitrator

When a lawsuit is filed, the judge who will hear the case is assigned by the courts without any input from those in the case. This is done to ensure an impartial judge. With arbitration, however, both parties will need to agree on who they go to. This will help ensure the arbitrator hearing your case is knowledgeable in the specific areas where your conflict exists.

You Get a Final Decision

Once the arbitrator has ruled on a case, the decision is final. This will allow everyone involved to go back to their normal work and focus on their respective businesses. While a judge’s ruling tends to stand, it is possible to appeal, so you can’t be certain that the case is really over for quite some time.

The Goal is Mutual Satisfaction

When you file a lawsuit, you really have to fight to have the judge agree with you on every point with the hopes of having everything you want granted by the courts. With arbitration, however, it is more of a negotiation and compromise with the hope that both parties can walk away reasonably happy. This can help maintain a positive relationship between all parties involved.

We Are Here for You

Whether you opt for arbitration, or a lawsuit is the best option in your case, FCLG is here for you. We can represent you in either situation and provide you with a reasonable approach to help you get the outcome you’re looking for. Contact us to discuss your options and get this conflict put behind you.