Construction projects look radically different than they did even a decade ago, and they will continue to evolve as developers, contractors, designers, and other parties innovate to make projects go more efficiently. One of the recent developments over the past few decades has been the increased amount of collaboration between parties involved in a construction project. Apart from its benefits, this can increase the possibility of a dispute arising during construction. 

When it comes to construction disputes, an ounce of prevention is often worth a pound of cure. To that end, we have come up with three ways you can be proactive and prevent disputes before they occur. 

1. Communication – even over-communication – is key for a successful project. Amid all the moving parts of a construction project, parties can sometimes skip the basics of good business. One of these casualties can be proper and effective communication. There is no good excuse, with all the modern media available to reach people, for poor communication. Keeping an open line between you and the other parties is an effective way to manage expectations and, ultimately, keep everyone on the same page. 

2. Optimize and follow all applicable contracts. Many construction projects live and die by the contracts. Too many parties in a project either neglect to include important provisions, like procedures for settling a dispute, or fail to understand the provisions that already exist in the contract. An effective contract will not heavily favor one party, but will instead ensure a fair and efficient process for everyone involved. To remove any ambiguity, all contracts should be put in writing. 

3. Recognize as many risks as you can ahead of time. Some situations cannot be anticipated, such as a sudden, deep recession. Others, like poor weather conditions or shoddy materials, can be reasonably planned for. Understanding, from the outset, that it is nearly impossible for everything to proceed exactly according to plan is key to avoiding disappointed stakeholders, which can lead to costly disputes. A comprehensive risk management plan is recommended for parties involved in a project to identify sources of potential disputes and, therefore, effect a smooth process. 

Occasionally, construction project disputes are unavoidable. Many disputes, though, can be prevented with proactive measures employed by all involved parties. At any rate, an experienced and efficient construction law attorney can help you reach your goals during a construction project and keep all parties satisfied. Get in touch with Florida Construction Law Group by calling 305-227-4030 or filling out our online contact form.