If you are having problems with a contractor, sub contractor, homeowner or supplier and considering hiring a Florida construction law attorney you should not participate in the process alone.

Florida construction law and procedures are quite complicated. For example, if you place the wrong or incorrect information on a Notice to Owner or Claim of Lien it could have serious consequences. An experienced Florida construction law attorney is necessary to navigate the procedural waters.

Be watchful of so called Florida construction law attorneys who claim to specialize in this complicated area of the law. Because construction disputes in Florida have dramatically increased over the last years and many lawyers are jumping on the band wagon and claiming to be what they are not. We strongly recommend that you hire someone who concentrates in this area of the law. Consider the following factors when hiring a Florida Construction Law Attorney.

1. How long has the attorney practiced Construction Law?

2. You want an attorney that actually handles the case themselves and does not simply refer the case out to another lawyer. The reason for this is that the initial consultation is vital and immediately determining whether you have a claim or defenses is crucial.

3. Ideally, you want your lawyer to be able to handle both litigation and transactions in the area of construction law. This is important because this allows the lawyer to advise you as to how to handle the current litigation and how to prepare the proper documents int he future to avoid litigation. Good lawyers keep their clients out of court. If a lawyer does not handle both construction litigation and the transaction portion, he may not be able to determine what is right for you.

4. You want to inquire of your lawyer if he is Board certified in Real Estate or construction law because this means that he has completed a series of examination that allow him to consider himself an expert in his field.

5. Finally, you want to ask you lawyer how many Florida Construction law matters he has handled as this will allow you to gage his experience.

Positive answers to the above questions will help you in hiring the right lawyer for you.

Ray Garcia, Esq.
Board Certified in Real Estate Law
by the Florida Bar