Construction projects can be extremely costly and complex, which is why it is important to have everything in order before anything is started. Customers and construction companies should also keep in close contact throughout the job to ensure there aren’t any miscommunications. Once a project is finished, both construction companies and those who hire them often think that everything is set, but that is not the case.

Before a job can be considered finalized, a notice of acceptance must be sent to the construction company. This notice essentially lets the construction company know that the job has been completed and the contract has been deemed fulfilled.

When to Send a Notice of Acceptance

A notice of acceptance should be sent only after a job has been completed and properly inspected. If there are any issues with the job itself, they need to be fixed before a notice of acceptance should be issued. If an individual or company issues a notice of acceptance prior to completing inspections and they then find something wrong, the construction company would not be obligated to fix the issue as part of the original contract.

What Is Included with a Notice of Acceptance?

A notice of acceptance should include the construction number and the proper wording to confirm that the job has been completed. It should also verify that all needed quality control checks have been performed. Along with this notice should be a copy of the quality control checklist that identifies everything that has been inspected on the project. If there were any additional tasks or corrections that the construction company had to perform, the inspections on those items should be included as well.

Why Is a Notice of Acceptance Required?

The notice of acceptance provides legal proof that the contract for the construction job has been completed to the satisfaction of everyone involved. If someone attempts to sue the construction company for something related to the construction job after this notice of acceptance, the courts will be very hesitant to rule in their favor. This also allows construction companies to be able to have a firm end date for each contract, which makes planning and budgeting much easier.

Sending & Receiving Notice of Acceptance

Whether you operate a construction company or you’ve got a contract with a construction company, it is important to send or receive notice of acceptance documents properly in accordance with the law. Having an attorney write up the notice and confirm acceptance is very important. Florida Construction Law Group has years of experience helping both contractors and customers, so contact us to discuss this type of notice today.