Section 713.06(2)(a), F.S., provides that, prior to filing a lien, a lienor who does not have a direct contract with the homeowner must serve the homeowner with a Notice to Owner that sets forth the lienor’s name and address, a description sufficient for identification of the real property, and the nature of services or materials furnished or to be furnished. The Notice to Owner must be served before commencing, or within 45 days of commencing, to furnish the service or materials by the potential lienor. The notice must be served before the owner’s final payment to the contractor, after the filing of the contractor’s affidavit.

If a Notice to Owner is not served, then a lien cannot be enforced. Section 713.06(2)(c), F.S., provides the form which should be used for the Notice to Owner. The Notice to Owner includes a warning to the owner that subcontractors may file a lien against the owner’s property even if the homeowner has made payment in full. Under s. 713.06(2)(d), F.S., a Notice to Owner may be served on a lender if designated in the Notice of Commencement as a person to receive the Notice to Owner. After receiving a Notice to Owner, the lender is required to make proper payments under s. 713.06(3)(c), F.S. If the lender fails to do so, it is liable to the owner for “all damages sustained by the owner as a result of that failure.”

Ray Garcia, Esq.
Board Certified in Reale Estate Law
by the Florida Bar